Double DIN size car computer with ISO standard connectors & amplifier.

Remote camera trigger/script trigging interface for RC-use.

Some software fixes for HTC Touch Pro2.

Started another business,  the page is in norwegian only, a RC-heli webshop.

Started my new business,  the page is in norwegian only, It's a aerial photography -business.

(Selling now) CarButtons, an USB device to interface media- buttons in a car, so a computer/carputer can use be controlled by them  

Made automatic facia/cover and display control for my Xantia .And made a video that shows it in action

Modified  TabletPC keyboard makes a very tiny & fine keyboard with pointing device.,..

I just bulit my first homemade USB input device !

(Free Project) Modding a Palm IIIc into a good remote control

(Free Project) XBOX S-Video + SPDIF mod