Tesla Model S,X heavy duty rubber jack pads with magnets.

Heavy duty jack pads for Tesla:


  • 3cm heavy duty massive rubber block.
  • Distributes the weight onto a differently shaped jack.
  • Magnetic mount, just snap into place, then jack.
  • No need to fine-adjust it – when it fits onto the pad, and stays, it is placed correctly.
  • Fit both Model S and Model X.
  • Protects the car, and your quite expensive battery pack.
  • Does not slip (unlike wooden blocks)

The reasons to use it:

This is where a Tesla should be lifted:


This is what happens when the jacks don’t fit properly (not even mentioning slip and chassis/floor damage.)


Sloppy tire shops often lift cars using sloppy placed scissor lifts that lift the car more by the battery pack, than the lifting pads.

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