Modifying E-Dimensional ED-Glasses (3d glasses)

This will void your warranty !

This picture shows the two dongles that are necessary needed , the big one is the controller , with infrared connector (for wireless glasses) & the other connector for wired glasses.  This controller needs +5Volt at pin #9 in order to work.

Some graphic adapters deliver +5 volt @ pin#9 , Nvidia’s reference-design based adapters does not. you will also need external +5volt if you want to use the stereo glasses on/after a KVM switch or with an extension cable.

This is when you need the power adapter , the smaller one , it’s gutted on this picture , but it’s just a PS2 keyboard male+female (pass thru) adapter that connects between the PS2 port an keyboard in order to leech some power , and then deliver it to pin #9 in the smaller VGA-VGA (DSUB15) dongle.


I thought that 2 adapters were one too much , so I chopped off the PS2/PS2 connector cable from the small dongle and found that both wires inside were connected together to +5volt (the bigger dongle is already connected to GND by the shield , and R,G,B-ground.

Then I drilled a hole in the dongle for the cable (can be seen on both pictures)


The black wire with the red shrink wrap and red wire in  center is the one , it goes straight for the second idle drilled wire-pad on the dongle’s board.

+5 Volt delivered , and only one dongle needed – less cable macaroni.

I like the product , it’s one of those gadget’s you can buy and NOT regret it the day after    – the dongle is of high quality and does NOT cause poor picture quality at high resolution/refresh rate , I just removed it for a cleaner setup.

You can also use USB connector to get the +5v .


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